Why I'm kind of scared to retire


I recently took a family vacation to Arizona, one of America’s hotspots for retired folks. We stayed with my father in law in an active living community that had all sorts of great amenities for their patrons - golf courses, pools, pickleball courts and more.

During our stay, I started daydreaming about what retired life would be like for me. How awesome to not have an eight-to-five job to worry about, to have my kids up and grown and out of the house, and to be financially secure for the future. Ahh!

Then I kind of got freaked out. Why? Because I love to work. Whether it be for my employer or for personal passion projects (like http://www.sweet-surrender.org or 7 Minute Security, I feel a certain sense of answering God’s calling and providing for my family when I fulfill these responsibilities. People have told me, “Meh, you’ll find other things to do when you’re retired.” I want to believe that. But I think in a way, what fuels some of my personal passions is the need to counter-balance my job. In other words, at work I feel like I have to be polished, professional, put together, and detail-oriented. Conversely, the projects I do for fun don’t require all those things, which I think helps even out my psyche and keeps me creative and inspired. So my question is: if my job is gone, will my fire for the fun projects dampen as well?

Another thing I’m scared of after retiring is not feeling a need to serve. If I’m comfortable and on “coast,” will I care as much about being involved in church? I imagine my wife and I will be traveling aggressively to soak up parts of the world we haven’t seen, and that will disrupt some of the continuity of church attendance, which might slightly deteriorate our sense of community with people we’re used to seeing every Sunday.

I will make a point to pray more for my future. I know God wants us to not fret about tomorrow because it has enough worry of its own, but still, I want to be a healthy, positive, energetic, fun old dude - one that has a love for God and a strong desire to serve Him well during my golden years.

And I want to have half as much energy as Blanche and the gang while doing it :-)