We wear belts of blue


I’m a little late posting this, but my son Cam and I are now “second” blue belts in Kung Fu. A few months ago we took our first blue belt test and Cam mopped the floor with me. He kicked my butt on test scores (got consistent 9+) which he was all too glad to gloat about.

I got a tiny bit of sweet victory last week when we took the “blue two” test in that my form was decently tight and I wasn’t a total failure with my kicking routine either. We had to do a scissors+tornado combo and when I first saw that demonstrated I thought, “That is definitely for people 30 and younger.” But Cam and I kept at it each week at practice, and while neither of us may be the next JCVD, we are giving it our best effort.

It has been so fun doing Kung Fu together with Cam. Partially because it’s our one night during the week to have uninterrupted time with one another, do some father/son talk, mess around, etc., and partially because it’s a good excuse to stay active and in shape. If I didn’t have kids or this weekly Kung Fu challenge, I think it’s safe to say I’d be a mildly productive blob that would be clocking a lot more time in front of the XBox.

If my estimation is right, we’re about 2.5 years away from a black belt. Doing this journey with someone 30 years my junior keeps me pushing forward, forces me to try harder just to keep up with him and, in a way, keeps me young (I think).