The NOT Mayo Clinic Diet


Don’t do what I’m about to share.

If you’re interested in quickly losing some weight and also potentially destroying your body, check out the Mayo Clinic diet - which is in no way associated with the actual Mayo Clinic.

My wife and I did it many years ago (before there was Google and we could’ve easily learned we were going to blow up our intestines) and had some great success. There are a trillion variants of the not Mayo Clinic diet, but the basic meal plan we followed was:

In about 10 days, we lost 5 pounds. Looking back now, that’s TOTALLY unhealthy, but boy was it fun to get such quick results :-)

Turns out many years and much research later, there still is no magic pill or fad diet that will shed pounds. The tried and true recipe is still:

So, that’s our plan from here on out :-)

P.S. Not sure how bad the not Mayo Clinic diet is for you? Read this article or maybe this Livestrong article.