How I've survived two months without Facebook


TL;DR version: It was easy, I just uninstalled the app and never opened it again. Slightly longer version: I’m “plugged in” pretty much all the time. Whether it be emails, conducting technical projects, working through issues via IM or collaborating via WebEx, Internet is pretty much my lifeline from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Outside of those hours, my phone is beeping, blooping and buzzing to get my attention about other things, most of which are not life-and-death.

We wear belts of blue


I’m a little late posting this, but my son Cam and I are now “second” blue belts in Kung Fu. A few months ago we took our first blue belt test and Cam mopped the floor with me. He kicked my butt on test scores (got consistent 9+) which he was all too glad to gloat about. I got a tiny bit of sweet victory last week when we took the “blue two” test in that my form was decently tight and I wasn’t a total failure with my kicking routine either.

The NOT Mayo Clinic Diet


Don’t do what I’m about to share. If you’re interested in quickly losing some weight and also potentially destroying your body, check out the Mayo Clinic diet - which is in no way associated with the actual Mayo Clinic. My wife and I did it many years ago (before there was Google and we could’ve easily learned we were going to blow up our intestines) and had some great success. There are a trillion variants of the not Mayo Clinic diet, but the basic meal plan we followed was: Breakfast: eggs prepared anyway you want ‘em, and a strip or two of bacon.

Why I'm kind of scared to retire


I recently took a family vacation to Arizona, one of America’s hotspots for retired folks. We stayed with my father in law in an active living community that had all sorts of great amenities for their patrons - golf courses, pools, pickleball courts and more. During our stay, I started daydreaming about what retired life would be like for me. How awesome to not have an eight-to-five job to worry about, to have my kids up and grown and out of the house, and to be financially secure for the future.

7 Minute Security (theme song)


Here’s a jingle I made for the 7 Minute Security podcast/blog: Lyrics: You know security is hard so lets assume We’re probably gonna get pwned by noon But if we all start to get the basics right We might not fully get pwned until tonight

Old dudes can jump


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, trampolines are an excellent way for kids to burn off stream. We’ve received many a comment from parents/friends saying things like, “Well I would never get one because they’re far too dangerous.” And that’s true - there’s a certain amount of danger even with the guard net up. But the challenge we deal with constantly is that our boys have enough kinetic energy to power the state.

Blog like nobody's reading


I’m gonna start blogging again and ya know what? I’m gonna blog like nobody’s reading. Here’s why: In my 20s I had a tiny blog called where I’d review movies, rant about random topics and speculate on who would win the current season of American Idol. Eventually the topics became a bit more serious as I shared updates on the process my wife and I went through to adopt our children.

Segways, surfing and creepy mice


A few weeks ago I hitch-hiked along with my wife to San Diego for a few days. She was there for a conference, and I was there to get a tan while pentesting Web sites from the pool. (Somebody’s gotta do the hard work for this family, am I right? :-) We ended up having two really different vacation experiences. My wife’s vacation was pretty much screwed from day one. Upon trying to fall asleep that first night, she heard scratching noises in the walls, only to later find out that indeed there was a family of mice taking shelter in the sheet rock!

We know Kung Fu


This is a picture of my son earning his second degree green belt in Kung Fu a few months ago. It was a proud moment for both of us (we’ve both been taking classes for the past few years). This quarter, we’re taking both the regular belt classes towards our blue belt, and also a sparring/weapons class. I’ll be brutally honest - I was really freaked out to do the sparring part the first time.

I have a podcast!


“What?” said nobody. “You hardly maintain this blog! What business do you have starting a new podcast?” Yeah, I know. Anyway, the podcast is called 7 Minute Security, and in it I regurgitate what I’m learning about infosec in audio chunks of seven minutes. Use your favorite pod-catching thing by subscribing at Current topics include my adventures with the OSCP certification! This place will remain my dumping grounds for personal stuff, doodles and fart jokes (you know, the usual).